Art Group Therapy Workshops Are To Be Launched Soon

Dear Altınbaş University Students,

                Spring Semester Group Art Therapy Workshops are to be launched soon. The Spring Semester Workshop will mainly focus on equipping the participants with skills to increase self-understanding and self-awareness as well as to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.  If you wish to apply for joining us at the therapeutic art workshops or participate in our survey on Group Art Psychotherapy, please click on the link provided below. Workshops will start on Thursday, March 25th and be held every Wednesday (10 weeks), from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

How to join Group Art Psychotherapy Workshops:

  • Fill out the survey in the link below:

  • Once the survey is completed, contact the workshop coordinator, Clinical Psychologist Gizem Bodur Atalay at to make a pre-interview appointment, indicating your name/surname, the alias you used for answering survey questions, your student number, the academic program you attend, and a date and time that is convenient for you for the pre-interview
  • Pre-interview Dates: Between 2nd and 23th of  March 2020

Please note that the workshops will be available to a limited number of participants. Participants will be chosen based on survey and pre-interview results. The participants are expected to attend each session regularly in order to help the workshop activities yield more efficient outcomes. However, a maximum of two excused absences are permitted per semester. Pre-interviews and workshops will be held at Gayrettepe Campus. Each session will be conducted in Turkish.

Thank you.

Psychological Support Unit

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