Exams will be held on our university’s distance education platform

Multiple choice exam Written exam Assignment/Project Oral exam

Exam types may vary for each course. Please follow the announcements on course pages.

Details are given on Student Guides / Öğrenci Kılavuzları in UZEM. To avoid problems with uploading files in written exams, please check the guides before the exams.


In case of leaving the exam session for any technical reasons as internet/power problems or device failure, you can log back in within the exam period. You may continue the exam from where you left off, but the exam time will be running until you log in again. Please take the necessary precautions before the exam.

If you encounter any problems, you may take a screenshot before closing your current page and send a detailed e-mail explaining your problem to your lecturer and mail address. You should include your student ID number, course code&name to your e-mail.

Details are attached.