Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) Online Summer School Announcement

Dear Students,

Altinbas University’s partner institution Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG https://ufmg.br/international-visitors) is organizing an online Summer School about Brazilian History, Culture and Society between July 5 -16, 2021.

Two Altinbas University students will be rewarded full scholarship to attend the summer school. Please send your applications toiaco@altinbas.edu.tr  no later than 20 April.

The applications will be evaluated by the Alumni and Internationalization Office and candidates will be selected based on merit. The results will be announced at the university website on 25 April.

Required documents:

a) Letter of motivation

b) One letter of recommendation

c) Curriculum vitae

About the Summer School:

The UFMG Summer School on Brazilian Studies intends to give students from all over the world an understanding of key aspects of Brazil from distinct perspectives.

All lectures will be given in English.

Lectures on selected topics will be delivered in the morning (at Brasília Time / GMT-3) through distance learning platforms. After the lectures, there will be Portuguese for Foreigners classes. During the afternoon, participants will be taken on online tours to places of historical and artistic relevance.

Why You Should Take The Summer School

This course aims at providing students from around the globe with a solid background in Brazil and Brazilian studies, shedding light on crucial aspects of South America’s giant country and the region in itself. As the world looks ever more interconnected and multipolar, Brazil strikes as a rising power whose understanding might become an asset for future generations of scholars and practitioners, decision makers and takers. Within the ambit of this program, lectures will be delivered on topics as diverse as politics, history, foreign affairs, economy, geography, law, arts and culture, creating a mosaic of highly qualified information and analysis. Introductory classes of Portuguese language – the sixth most spoken idiom in the world today – will help the course taker dig deeper into Brazil’s complexities and make better sense of the country’s subtleties.

Course Workload

60 hours (4 credits)

1. Brazilian HistoryFrom the age of European settlement until these days  
2. Brazilian Geography  A huge and most diverse territory, with all that it entails  
3. Brazilian Culture  The cultural richness of Brazilian multi-ethnic and multiracial people  
4. Brazilian Law  Key elements of the Brazilian Law and legal system  
5. Brazilian Society  Ultra-complex Brazilian society and its main components  
6. Brazilian Politics  Polity and policies in the largest Latin American national community  
7. Brazilian Economy  The engines of Brazil’s gigantic economy  
8. Brazilian Foreign Policy  How an emerging power connects itself with the outside world  
9. Brazilian Cinema  The unknown strength of the Brazilian cinema  
10. Brazilian Arts  The artful Brazilians and their most talented interpreters  
11. Portuguese Language for Foreigners  A taste of Brazil through the language  
12. Race in Brazil  An introduction to racial dynamics in Brazil  

Total Course Length

15 days of duration (in July)

60 hours of academic activities, which include:

• 8 lectures delivered by world-class experts on Brazilian Studies

• Lessons of Portuguese for Foreigners

• Online tours

• Cultural activities

• Extra-classroom activities