ECHO Social -Spring-

Hello everyone,

As the ECHO team, we are getting ready to meet you in the spring term as well.

We are bringing back the Echo Social Spring, a colourful three-week event where we will have a pleasant time together, get to know different cultures, and see different spots in Istanbul, as we did in the previous term.

In the first week of Echo Social Spring, we will get to know each other, make new friends, and engage in cultural activities, while the second and third weeks will comprise tours around the lovely city of Istanbul!

The first stage of the event will kick off in the foyer area of ​​Altınbaş University Bakırköy Health Campus on 12 March 2022, and the second and third stages will take place in May.

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon the completion of the event.

The event will be available only a limited number of participants❗

✨ For further details, please send an e-mail to

👇🏻To participate, fill out the form in the link below.