Geleceğin Hukukçuları Çalıştayı

Sevgili Öğrencilerimiz, Öğrenci Konseyi’nin düzenlediği “Geleceğin Hukukçuları Çalıştayı düzenlenecektir. Sınırlı sayıda katılımcının bulunacağı etkinlikte alanında uzman konuşmacıların deneyimlerinden faydalanabilir, meslek hayatınızda sizlere destek sağlayacak networkler kurabilirsiniz. Çalıştay’dan çıkan sonuçlar üniversite tarafından akademik bildiri olarak yayınlanacaktır. Çalıştay katılımcılarının isimlerine bildiride   yer verilebilecektir. Çalışma gruplarında katılımcı olup tüm oturumları tamamlayan öğrencilere katılım belgesi verilecektir. Kurum dışından da[…]

TEDxAltinbasUniversity ‘Lose Until You Win

Dear Students, Altınbaş University TEDx Club will hold a TEDxAltinbasUniversity event at Fatma Altınbaş Conference Hall on Saturday, 14 May 2022, 10:00. The theme of this year’s “TEDxAltinbasUniversity event will be “Lose Until You Win”, which is chosen with the idea that it will help us develop a new perspective on the world, learn from[…]

Spring Festival Committee!

Do you want to take your place on the Spring Festival Committee? We all missed festivals, concerts and having fun to the fullest. Together we will organize a wonderful festival. If you believe in your event and organizational skills, you have even worked in this field before, and you like to have fun, join us.[…]

Yaşam’da Kal Panel and Photography Exhibition

Dear Altınbaş University Members, Join us at a panel that will welcome successful paralympic swimmers and distinguished speakers. A photography exhibition by inspiring photographer Neşe Arı will also be held as part of the panel. Opening Remarks                              : 14.00 Session 1                                            : 14.20 Session 2                                            : 15.30 Photography Exhibition Opening      :[…]

Brand Day

Dear Students, All students are welcome to join us at the “Brand Day” event, which will be held on Friday, 25 March, in cooperation with Vizyon Marka, at Mahmutbey Campus. How would you like to meet the brands and get the chance to win great prizes? The Brand Day will welcome: *OBİLET (Power Bank for[…]

About shuttle times, change

Dear Altınbaş University Members, Please see attached for Monday-Friday shuttle schedule as of February 22nd, 2022. Stop Locations Opposite Bakırköy Campus, in front of Kadir Has bus stop, Yenibosna, Mahmutbey Campus Yenibosna, Mahmutbey Campus Mahmutbey Metro, Mahmutbey Campus Gayrettepe Campus, Mecidiyeköy, Mahmutbey Metro, Mahmutbey Campus

ECHO Social -Spring-

Hello everyone, As the ECHO team, we are getting ready to meet you in the spring term as well. We are bringing back the Echo Social Spring, a colourful three-week event where we will have a pleasant time together, get to know different cultures, and see different spots in Istanbul, as we did in the[…]

About Psychological Support Unit

Dear Altınbaş University Students, AU Counselling and Psychological Services offer individual counselling and psychotherapy to students and staff to help them with issues related to personal and relational problems. If you are experiencing issues including anxiety, depression, difficulty coping with stress, adaptation problems, relationship problems, or extreme anger etc., and you are in the need[…]