18 December 2018

Psychological Support Unit

Psychological Support Unit aims to help Altınbaş University students and staff improve their individual, social and academic development; help students adapt better and faster to university and dorm life; and equip them with the social and interpersonal skills required to perform better at school. Psychological Support Unit helps students and staff with issues related to personal and relational problems, anxiety, depression, family and social problems, academic achievement and job performance, adaptation problems etc. Counseling services are free of charge to all students and staff. 

In line with this objective, PSU conducts individual counseling sessions to help students improve their personal, social and academic skills, successfully overcome the problems they are currently facing or they might face in the future. PSU, also, helps students understand the nature of their problems and get to know themselves better.

Counseling sessions last approximately 45 minutes. The frequency and duration of sessions will largely depend on students’ needs.CONFIDENTIALITY is an essential part of any counseling session. Please note that information shared during a counseling session is confidential and cannot be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the counselee. However, Psychological Support Unit does not prevent information disclosure if counselees pose harm or threat to themselves or third parties.


How to Make an Appointment

Psychological Support Unit (PSU) works by appointment only. To make an appointment, fill out the Student Application Form 

The information you provide on this form is kept confidential. We do not share this information with any third party except the PSU team. Your application will be evaluated in the shortest time possible and you will be given an appointment to attend the counseling sessions. Please mark the most suitable day and time for you in the schedule at the end of the form. It may take us a while to contact you back in busy periods.

 If you do not attend the first appointment or do not call to reschedule it, you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment. In that case, you will have to contact PSU and reschedule the date.

In the event an emergency or crisis occurs during normal business hours, do not hesitate to come to our office immediately without needing to contact us by phone or email. If an emergency or crisis occurs outside normal business hours, you should go to the nearest healthcare facility. Hospital Phone Directory

For further information you may send e-mail to this addresses:

For general inquaries: psikolojikdestek@altinbas.edu.tr

For Mahmutbey Campus: elif.colakoglu@altinbas.edu.tr

For Gayrettepe Campus: gizem.bodur@altinbas.edu.tr

For Bakırköy Campus: beliz.iseri@altinbas.edu.tr